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Aerial Lift OSHA Alert

“OSHA Alert: OSHA issues special bulletin for students operating Aerial Lifts.”

Washington, DC – OSHA has issued a bullet for operators of Aerial Lifts throughout the American work force who do not currently hold OSHA aerial lift certification.

Aerial lift students throughout the United States are now eligible to complete a cost-effective, rapid-learning OSHA certification course that will provide all the necessary training modules, testing and subsequent documentation for OSHA certification.

If you are currently an Aerial Lift student who needs to complete OSHA certification in order to operate an Aerial Lift, this bulletin is geared toward you. Online learning materials can be accessed and utilized anywhere, and are quickly replacing older methods of offsite learning and onsite hires to conduct OSHA aerial lift training onsite.

Within just 60 minutes, you will be able to complete a full OSHA aerial lift curriculum, take the appropriate testing, and then immediately print off documentation such as cards and temporary certifications that will demonstrate your OSHA certification.

You can also complete this training anywhere – with a smart phone, with a laptop or a home computer, or on a computer at work. You can access OSHA aerial lift testing modules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with highly advanced, rapid learning courses that are easier to use than traditional offsite learning methods.

If you are an employer, aerial lift OSHA certification is easier than ever before. Bulk online registrations can be completed for new aerial lift students. Hires can be input into the training modules in bulk, and learning and testing materials can be access within a matter of a few minutes.

Rather than facing an expensive OSHA fine, getting aerial lift training done for serious students of OSHA aerial lift materials can happen literally within a few hours. There’s no waiting for cards or lengthy materials to print out – you can print them out immediately, and official materials will come in the mail later.

Says a recent OSHA online aerial lift student, “I actually completed everything I need on my iPhone, and printed my card out in my house. I was on the job again the next day. I couldn’t believe how fast it was – and I think it was a lot easier than taking one of the classes I saw down the street that cost over $500 just to register. Plus I would have missed a full day of work!”

New technology has revolutionized the OSHA certification process for qualified students. As an OSHA certified employee, you can get back on the job and begin operating your aerial lift within a matter of hours. OSHA online aerial lift certification makes it easier than ever before to get online within hours using simple and information learning modules and testing software. As an Aerial Lift student, you could be eligible to save time, get on the job ASAP, and try it today!

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