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1. Why do I need to train my forklift operators?
The best reason to train and evaluate all lift truck operators is to improve workplace safety. OSHA created a new regulation (29 CFR 1910.178(l)) that spells out requirements for operator training and evaluation with the intent of reducing the number or forklift accidents. Failure of the employer to comply with the new rules can result in expensive fines and loss of insurance coverage. This can be disastrous to the employer if a serious accident occurs.

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Forklift Training & Certification

Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars in FINES!


Next year.

  • 100,000 injuries involving forklift operators will be reported.
  • 100 workers will lose their lives.
  • Most of these incidents can be eliminated by Forklift Safety Training.
You DO NOT have to contribute to these numbers.

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Want to be a forklift operator? Get forklift training TODAY!

Forklift training is an important part of most skilled warehouse jobs. Without it, workers could find themselves relegated to packing and stocking. Many warehouses won’t hire any workers who doesn’t have a forklift license, due to government safety regulations for working around machinery. Unfortunately, getting the training required to safely and effectively operate a forklift can be difficult and time consuming.

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Who else needs online forklift certification?

We’ve talked time and time again about tragedy striking on the job – and how just one accident is all it takes to lead to death when operating a forklift.

In recent news, a young operator from Manchester, UK broke his skull on a forklift job. He was working at Heavy Engineering, a UK company based in Eccles. At the time of the accident, engineer Bruce Dempsey, only 25, was engaged in moving a press that was carried on a forklift truck.

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Where to get forklift certification training in Chicago, IL

Please answer these 3 questions so we can get you the right help

Are you . . .

Experienced operating forklifts ?

Is your . . .

forklift certification expired or more than 3 years old ?

Did you . . .

Not receive a certificate from your last job.

* If you answered YES to any of these questions then you can go for easy and convenient online forklift certification for Individuals and Business.

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Forklift Safety: OSHA Fines NYC Supermarket

Over the past few days, OSHA fined a market in Brooklyn over $62,000 for securing its doors at night. Faced with issues regarding employees leaving during the evening, the managers of the supermarket thought it would be a good idea to secure the doors at night and prevent employees from leaving without the permission of the supervisors.

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Upswing in New York City Aerial Lift Deaths

Above and beyond other US states, New York state is one of the leaders in OSHA-related workplace safety. OSHA aerial lift training standards and regulations are strictly enforced by OSHA state bureaus and employers all over the state of New York.

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Forklift Certification in 5 Steps

Everyone who’s ever had to go through OSHA training knows it can be painful. It’s no secret – it’s not even a secret to the people who are out there making the safety laws happen and enforcing them. It’s not easy – it’s dense material, but it’s absolutely crucial to safety on the job and keeping employees following the appropriate standards.

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Aerial Lift OSHA Alert

“OSHA Alert: OSHA issues special bulletin for students operating Aerial Lifts.”

Washington, DC – OSHA has issued a bullet for operators of Aerial Lifts throughout the American work force who do not currently hold OSHA aerial lift certification.

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