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Forklift Safety: OSHA Fines NYC Supermarket

Over the past few days, OSHA fined a market in Brooklyn over $62,000 for securing its doors at night. Faced with issues regarding employees leaving during the evening, the managers of the supermarket thought it would be a good idea to secure the doors at night and prevent employees from leaving without the permission of the supervisors.

When it comes to an emergency, you don’t need OSHA forklift certification to know how crucial it is to be able to evacuate a building where there is danger present. Fires, flooding, or even something as unexpected as a terror attack could force employees to need a quick exit. OSHA officials contend that by securing the doors, the supermarket put its employees at serious risks that could cause injury or even death.

The market was cited for what is termed as one willful violation of a “locked exit" and four serious violations for blocked exits. Any serious violation is noted when death or serious physical injury could occur from the block, so the $62,000 fine encompasses these violations.

Though a forklift may not be used in a supermarket setting, forklift certification training dictates that unlocked exits and an escape route must be present for any employee in any work situation. A forklift certification card is required for anyone operating a forklift or heavy machinery on the job. As you may know, accidents can happen on any work site – so whether you’re working on a construction site or supermarket, it’s important to ensure employees are notified of the most viable escape routes.

Employees working at the supermarket don’t require a forklift certification card to be on the floor – therefore, some of them may not be aware that locked doors are a violation of OSHA standards. Employees who don’t need forklift certification or other such training to complete job duties may not have any ideas what their options truly are.

There is no word yet from the supermarket as to whether or not the fine will be contested in any way. The employer has a set amount of time to contest OSHA fines. If there is no contest or appeal, the employer will be responsible for paying the fines within a set period of time.

OSHA forklift certification and other on the job testing involves hands-on training. This training will cover exits for escape should any serious hazard occur in the workplace.

You don’t need a forklift certification card to protect yourself from hazards. It’s important to understand all the dangers in the workplace, whether those dangers include fires, electricity, or any other hazard present. By restricting employees from exit, the supermarket owner held employees back from escape measures should any kind of hazard happen – and for that, an employee has to be accountable.

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