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Upswing in New York City Aerial Lift Deaths

Above and beyond other US states, New York state is one of the leaders in OSHA-related workplace safety. OSHA aerial lift training standards and regulations are strictly enforced by OSHA state bureaus and employers all over the state of New York.

However, new numbers coming in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that New York City workers are the victims of workplace fatalities at a new high.

Despite genie lift certification, boom lift training and scissor lift safety training being enforced in New York City construction workplaces, worker fatalities and injuries are at an all time high. According to the number, sixty-three workers were killed in New York City workplaces in 2009. This number leapt to sixty-eight fatalities in the year 2011.

Despite appropriate aerial lift training, deaths continue to occur as part of an upward trend in these New York City construction sites. Authorities claim that the reasons for the upward swing are not necessarily easy to explain. Economic stress leads to tighter deadlines as well as worker distraction. Job cuts cause competition and distraction in New York City workplaces like never before.

Despite appropriate scissor lift safety training and other training measures, it’s difficult to stop an employee’s stress when he is worried about whether or not he will keep his job. These distractions coupled with varying and harsh weather conditions, a climate of hostility due to financial implications and tighter deadlines, and the ever-present stress of a visit from OSHA inspectors may make an employee forget his or her genie lift certification training.

Employers can cushion distractions and reinforce training methodology by continuously offering refresher courses in OSHA aerial lift training. These courses should include refreshers in genie lift, scissor lift and boom lift training on the job. Employees operating heavy machinery should receive both hands-on and hands-off refresher training while on the job.

New York City isn’t the only place in the US affected by harsh economic times and winter weather conditions. Though fatality and injury numbers aren’t generally on the rise, these are tough times for all workers. There is talk of a city-wide effort underway to help employers offer refresher training and keep employees abreast of the best ways to stay safe within the workplace. Employees who require OSHA aerial lift training are handling aerial lifts of all sizes and functions, and may also require genie lift certification, boom lift training and scissor lift training certification.

It’s important to interact with your employees regularly to ensure that training standards are kept up, and to maximize morale within the workplace. This can help minimize distractions that lead to accident or injury. It’s also important for employers to have an open door policy for employees, as well as continuously transmit OSHA aerial lift training standards to employees.

Learn more about these standards and ensure that your employees are adequately protected in volatile economic and climate conditions by visiting The tools, tips and regulatory coursework to help your employees succeed is available online.

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